Why I am running…

August 31, 2021

I believe that America is a great country filled with opportunity for success and our children’s education is the keystone to our future success and is why I decided I am running for the Thompson School District Board in District C in Loveland, CO.

My longstanding passion for education was founded by my Mother Wilberta Louise Fagler who married in 1960 leaving high school before graduation. As a young adult, I learned that my Mother wrote a letter to the school board asking permission to return to school as a married woman and mother to complete her education in 1961. At the time, this required a great deal of strength and courage as a wife and mother returning to high school was indeed unique at that time.

My Mother’s timeless words in her letter to the St. Vrain Board of Education still remain true and pertinent in 2021 as we navigate our present challenges:

“In today’s fast-moving world, it is important that a wife be well prepared for the life ahead of her. Since my marriage, I have realized that I must have my high school education to fulfill my obligations to others, as well as myself.”

Truly inspired by my Mother’s graduation at the Longmont High School in the class of 1962, I was encouraged to start my college degree in 1982 and persevered to receive my degree in 2003 from Regis University. She instilled in me such a love of learning and reading but the most valuable lesson is to never give up on your dreams.

I believe that our children, your children and future generations deserve an education that is centered around children first. We should respect the choices of parents. We should stay focused on the core purpose of schools to ensure that each child can read, write, calculate and most importantly, understand the basis for critical thinking.

I will work hard to earn your vote and as a School Board Director, will be committed to listening, respecting and understanding all voices in the district from our parents, our students, teachers, staff and my fellow board members.

Thank you for this opportunity to give back to our community at this time. We find ourselves on the precipice of great change, positive change and I am committed to each parent and child, to let their voices be heard and respected.