Key Issues

Build Trust Through Financial Transparency

The board of education is responsible and accountable for ensuring your tax dollars are invested in the classroom and the expected return on investment is that every student is proficient in the basics; reading, writing and math.

There is a trust deficit with many taxpayers that the budget is not funding educational priorities based on classroom and student learning needs.  

What I accomplished:

  • BOE listening sessions with the community to begin to understand your priorities.
  • Requested budget discussions by department to include evaluating ROI (return on investment).
  • Focus budget questions for discussion on outcomes so we can invest our funds on what works.
  • Question if staff raises are equitable so we know how to catch up some staff that has been under compensated.



What I will continue to advocate for:

  • Budget retreat to establish spending priorities in collaboration with the superintendent.
  • Budget committee of community experts that track and assess the ROI for programs and ensures alignment with commitment to academic excellence.
  • Align spending with Strive 2025 goals which includes creating budget reports that are easy to understand.
  • Explore creating a user dashboard for tracking spending by school and/or department.
  • Always asking “what if”?

Classrooms are for Learning

The core purpose of public education is to ensure every child learns to read, write, do arithmetic, understand basic history, science, and critically think. America is the land of opportunity and a quality public education is the first step on the path to a productive and successful life.

Every student that is not proficient in reading is a student that the district has failed and failure is not an option!

What I accomplished:

  • Shed light on the need for more support special needs students.
  •  Requested instructional supplies for classroom keep pace with current costs.
  • Focused on the need for students and staff to feel safe in our schools.
  • Supported allowing teachers to focus on core academics

What I will continue to advocate for:

  •  Every classroom encourages and respects diverse ideas and viewpoints.
  • Curriculum, books, class materials and presentations are age appropriate and based on objective and factual academic content.
  • Remember that every student is also a child with parents/guardians who are the lead partner in determining what is best for their child.
  • Embrace asking “what if”!

Respect Starts with Us

The board of education must lead the way in creating a district where parents are trusted, community input is respected and all staff feel valued.

Diversity of Thought is cultivated which leads to inclusion and opens the mind to appreciating differences.

What I accomplished:

  • Encouraged parents and community members to join committees such as DAAC (District Advisory Accountability Committee) to increase stakeholder input.
  • Promoted parents and community members to volunteer in the classroom to provide much needed assistance with students.
  • Advocated for the superintendent to partner with board members and present to various communities and organizations in the district.
  • The steadfast voice on the school board who supports parents partnering with staff to collaboratively focus on individual student learning needs.


What I will continue to advocate for:

  • The BOE sets high standards and expectations for the district which the superintendent is responsible and accountable for implementing.
  • Respect for parental rights and authority starts with the BOE accepting that parents determine what is best for their child in and out of school.
  • Community Forums | Listening Sessions are an opportunity to engage and understand concerns and collaborate to find a solution.

Accept that the BOE nor the staff have all the answers. Every question asked opens the door to the possibility of making the district better!!