Nancy Rumfelt Announces Re-Election Campaign – Press Release

July 9, 2023

Loveland, Colorado – July 5, 2023 – Nancy Rumfelt who was elected to the Thompson School Board in 2021 to complete the balance of a vacated seat has announced she is running for another term to strengthen the work she has begun. She is asking voters to re-affirm their trust in her efforts to protect parental rights, expand financial transparency, and most importantly improve academic success for students.

Nancy and her husband Robert have been active with the school district for years and two of their daughters graduated from Thompson schools. Nancy is well known in the community for her belief and passion that a high-quality K-12 education is the keystone every child must have to achieve their dreams. Her commitment to education and her love of learning was instilled by her mother who left high school before graduation and then as a married woman and new mother had to ask permission from the St. Vrain Board of Education, to return to school. Mom went on to earn her high school degree and always spoke of the importance of the education she received.

Nancy states, “What I learned from my mom is to never give up on your dreams, never stop learning and to never back down from doing the right thing. This is why I am running for re-election because there is more work to do in making sure every child receives an education taught in a classroom that is safe, welcoming and encourages diversity of thought and critical thinking.”

A key issue she ran on in 2021 was making sure all voices are heard and respected and parents are partners in the education of their children. Nancy was instrumental in the creation of the listening forums the school board now holds several times per year, as well as the community forums with groups such as Sertoma Club, Lago Vista Community, and Loveland Berthoud Realtors. These events ensure the school board provides opportunities for community members to share their priorities without having to attend a school board meeting.

Nancy also believes that the school board must take a more active role in working with the superintendent to establish budget priorities to ensure taxpayer money is spent in the classroom. Nancy said, “We must ensure taxpayer dollars are spent effectively; dollars must be directed to our classrooms, so the educational needs of all students are met and we are keeping students and staff safe.” At the June 21st meeting, Director Rumfelt suggested actions such as, “A budget retreat, addressing the steps-columns inequities, evaluating differentiated pay for hard to fill positions and tracking return on investments related to spending on student proficiency and the EDI (equity, diversity, inclusion) Department.”

Nancy Rumfelt as a School Board Director, will continue listening, respecting, and understanding all voices in the district from parents, students, teachers, staff, and fellow board members. Nancy ends her announcement with, “Serving on the board has been challenging and yet one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; I look forward to continuing to work on ensuring every child receives an education that is free from political and social agendas so we can focus on academic success and every child can achieve their dreams.”